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kelli rae
Anonymous asked:
I feel like you should limit what you post on the Internet. You want to create an image for yourself where girls can look up to you, right? This is not the way to do it my love

from day one i wanted to be someone that didn’t sugarcoat their lives and make it seem like they don’t make mistakes. everyone goes through rough shit and i think reading/hearing about experiences from other people can help

Anonymous asked:
saying you were taken advantage of is an excuse for you making a stupid mistake

you sound so dumb

syduces asked:
when does your gap year end? or like even if you aren't going back right now do you know what you want to major in? im being pressured into thinking about it now and it's such a heavy weight i hate it but ps im sorry i accidentally unfollowed u ily and ur supreme editing abilities

no worries and right now it doesn’t have an end. i’m in no rush to go to school and whether i do or not is still up in the air. my advice is to not let anyone pressure you into anything!! this is your life and you should be able to make your own decisions

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I am a huge fan of your videos. What do you do if your friends keep talking behind your back and then lie and say they didn't?

find new friends

Anonymous asked:
do you think losing your virginity is a special sacred thing? and are you still one??

i think it’s different for a lot of people? although i do think you should wait for someone who won’t take advantage of you and understands why you waited etc etc

i made that mistake but to be honest i’m not dwelling on it at all as much as i figured i would’ve? idk if that answers your question 

Anonymous asked:
I give you so much credit and I am so very jealous that you are doing what you want to be doing right now. I wish I would have done the same when I was your age but instead I am in college with no passion for my major whatsoever. The time to travel and explore is when you are young with nothing holding you back. Keep making those memories, girl. You're getting more out of life than a college education could ever provide.

:-) ily

Anonymous asked:
what do u want to be when u grow up

not worried about that right now!!!!!!!!

walked the Brooklyn bridge last night for the first time. gonna miss this city so much
Anonymous asked:
What do you do if you don't go to school?

I don’t think you intended for this question to come off this way but I feel like some of you are under the impression that there’s NOTHING else for me to do. I’m traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new things, etc. There is more to a 18-25 year old human being than going to school

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